​Free Fall Technologies, LLC

  1. Opto/Mechanical Projector Service
    Do you have an older optical/mechanical projector that you wish to maintain? FFT has extensive experience with a range of models from various manufacturers. We also have a full machine shop with CNC machines, laser cutter, 3D printer, etc for the manufacture of unavailable parts for these older gems!
  2. Short Projector Lifts
    Need a lift for your optical projector? FFT has designed a number of lifts for both large and small projection systems. Feel free to discuss your needs.
  3. LED Cove Lighting Systems
    Free Fall Technologies is pleased to be able to offer the LED cove lighting systems manufactured by East Coast Control Systems. These dome lighting solutions come in a variety of configurations. They offer intense and uniform coverage from the spring line to the zenith.
  4. Projector Control Systems
    Does your aging star projector need a new control system? Our association with East Coast Control Systems allows us to offer replacement control electronics to help keep your older planetarium projector working far into the future. Have a Spitz, Minolta, Goto, other projector? Just ask!
  5. Dome Cleaning/Painting
    Need your projection dome cleaned and/or painted? FFT has extensive experience performing these services.
  6. Spherical Mirror/Full Dome
    Spherical mirror full dome systems provide an excellent way for the smaller domes, smaller budgets to get into the full dome experience! No one in the USA has more experience building/installing "warp on the fly" systems than FFT. Need more information on these systems . . . ask!
  7. Full Dome Content
    FFT has established distribution agreements with a number of content provides and can offer sales of many full dome shows. Targeted primarily to the spherical mirror systems the shows will arrived compiled and formatted correctly for your system. Please feel free to contact us about desired shows.
  8. Shira Presentation Software
    FFT distributes the full dome presentation software developed by SureyyaSoft Planetarium Technologies. Available for a variety of system configurations this software integrates full dome movie playback and astronomy presentation software in one package. Visit www.sureyyasoft.com.
  9. Special Technical Need
    Do you have special technical/production needs? FFT has extensive experience with this type of work and is happy to talk about your "one time" needs. Our partnerships with other companies also allows us to bring other specialized talents where appropriate