​Free Fall Technologies, LLC

As a teenager I was an avid amateur astronomer and spent countless hours looking through my telescopes from my back yard in north central Wisconsin.  This meant battling huge mosquitoes in the summer and frequent below zero temperatures in the winter. The location also provided me with dark skies with the Milky Way easily visible.  My family frequently traveled and during summer vacations we often spent many weeks wandering the western states.  During one of these trips we visited a planetarium and I was hooked.  I could think of no better way to share my interest in astronomy than to persue a future in planetarium eduction.  My Parents were extremely supportive of my interests and provided me opportunities to visit planetariums and observatories as often as possible.  My high school teachers, especially my physics teacher, were very influental to my career goals.  My college years included working as a student assistant in both physics lab courses as well as the college planetarium.  In the planetarium I was fortunate to learn the trade from one of the best!  After college I spent a year running a typical "60's" styles planetarium is southwestern Iowa.  After my stay in Iowa I moved to what could be described as a "dream job" working for the City of Grand Rapids, MI.  I became the "Curator of Technical Affairs" for the Chaffee Planetarium/Public Museum of Grand Rapids.  I spent the rest of my "under the dome" carreer at the Chaffee.  My posiiton was primarily technical and I was responsible for the design and construction of the planetariums control and projection systems.  Although most of the time my production responsibilities were technical on occasion I would also act as script writer/principal producer.  During my years at the Public Museum I was fortnate to have a work experience few get, paticipating in the design/construction of a major new museum and planetarium.  When the "new" Chaffee Planetarium opened to the public in late 1994 it was one of the most sophisticated theaters anywhere in the world.  Frequently during the years that followed I would sit behind the control console and marvel at the technology and reflect how privleged I was to be working in that theater.  In 2003 I accepted an early retirement (age 48) from city and immediately after retirement was invited to go to work as a "technical specialist" for a well known planetarium service provider.  I spent the next 12 years in that position until deciding it was time for a change.  June 1, 2015 I established Free Fall Technologies, LLC and opened it for business.

Why consider Free Fall Technolgies for your technical needs?
30 years of experience as an "Under The Dome" Planetarium Educator
A planetarium carrer was "choosen" not just a "casual" job
Many years working with both optical and digital systems
Highly skilled in technical/production work
Parterships with other companies
Licensed and insured
​OSHA Certified